Police Officer Found Guilty of Assault


Police Officer Found Guilty of Assault

court_gavel_familycourtservicesA police officer was yesterday sentenced by the Reykjavík District Court for physical assault during an arrest on Laugavegur in July.

The police officer was sentenced to pay an ISK 300,000 (USD 2,500, EUR 1,800) fine for having shown brute force, exerting more power than the circumstances called for. He was furthermore convicted of assault while in public office, mbl.is reports.

Last August the State Prosecutor charged the man with physical assault and breach in public office.

A video of the officer arresting a woman in Reykjavík’s city center last July spread like wildfire on social networks and as a result the man was suspended.

During the proceedings the officer claimed that the arrest had been successful and without hesitation.

Last October the woman was sentenced to a 30-day prison sentence on parole for spitting at said police officer. She pleaded guilty at the trial.


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